Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technology in ECCD: Transportation and Communication... We can move faster!

As arranged last month, this group of ECCD teachers met to observe at the regional host site during a day with the curricular theme: Technology: Transportation and Communication. Eight teachers returned to participate in morning ring, center time, music ring, and story ring. After school, teachers had the opportunity to make the materials that had been used.

Winter's arrival pushes off the next regional workshop until next September, since many of the teachers travel hours by taxi or by foot to join us on workshop days. Until then, the Regional Leader and I will work together on curricular ideas, materials construction, and classroom space improvements.

Thank you again for all of your support for these ECCD workshops! Lesotho Young Authors Program continued their support with donations of blank books. Multiple packages and small financial contributions have allowed the development of the host site and provided resources for the teachers to create their own materials. We have been able to buy food and hire someone local to prepare lunch for the teachers. Hooray for Children!

Morning Routine - Look! A Number Line!

Indoor Center Time:
Stories, Words, Keyboarding, Wheel Math and Puzzles..

Teachers Making Materials

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