Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lesotho Young Authors Program Visits!

Lesotho Young Authors Program has been supporting our workshops and the library in a variety of ways. This past week they visited the village. Their book project has now become a critical part of empowering the ECCD teachers to take ownership of the curriculum, and it has also given a voice to local oral histories. I have used the stories in classroom lessons, and in the following pictures you can see students hearing a read aloud of the picture book written by their own teacher.

Below are photos from the ECCD workshop. We continue to focus on how to establish a Math Center with constructivist materials. The women walked each other through how a topic might be taught during the Morning Ring using the materials, used by the children independently at during indoor centers, re emphasized in a song during Music Ring, and finally revisited in a book [that they author] during Story Ring. Our next workshop is May 26.

After the workshop photos, you will see photos from the second weekly field trip from St Theresa. The children enjoyed reading picture books and playing games. After the Easter Break, a different small group from the same class will return May 13.



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