Friday, April 8, 2011

A Field Trip to the Library!

We had been planning the field trip for weeks, but this morning...

5:33am SMS: 'Lumela Mme. Rain is coming, I think it's better 2 stay n look 4 another time. Wht d u think?'

5:41am My Response: 'U kno already? It's not yet dawn! Lets wait til a bit to decide.'

6:47am I check in: 'Well? What do you decide? I leave this to their teacher! U r welcome, or nxt wk, or both!'

6:53am SMS from the Teacher: 'W l c when they come. I think of coming.'

7:46am I verify: 'R u coming?'

7:48am SMS confirms: 'We r coming, right after saying de prayer.'

And it was a glorious field trip after all! Several adults helped to manage the small groups at centers while children played learning games, read books and rotated in to the library for read aloud.

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