Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ripple Effects

This visit was special. The neighboring home based ECCD teacher, also the sister of the assistant teacher, wanted to join the community center based ECCD that I've featured on this site, in order to learn more about centers and curriculum development. She observed, participated, and collaborated.

I arrived to join in the morning routine. The children continue to sing the morning songs, learn the days of the week, select the weather, and count the attendance of boys and girls.

The head teacher leads the learning center on left and right sides. There are outlines of the left and right hand on the cardboard box, and on either side are boxes to put different items into depending on the directive. The hokey pokey was our transition song during centers :)

The assistant teacher led the read aloud center. She gave a picture walk through this Sesotho picture book, donated by Biblionef South Africa.

The visiting teacher was in charge of the arts/writing center. Today, the children trace their left hands on the 'left hand' poster and their right hands on the 'right hand' poster. At the end of the learning time, the posters are displayed. This follows up the week theme of left and right.

At the math center, children put together puzzles. The puzzles feature wild animals - pictures from magazines glued on to the back of cereal boxes and cut in to two pieces. Learning about animals and environment is part of the ECCD curriculum.

In these two pictures, after center time, the assistant teacher shows the visiting teacher the weekly planning and daily schedule. They talk together about scheming and lessons.

At the end of the morning, the visiting teacher pages through the read aloud book from the literacy center. Later she comes to ask me about the math manipulatives, and we experiment using them together. We agree that next time, she'll welcome us to her site so that we can begin working together. Meanwhile, the head teacher agrees that he will host his first regional workshop on March 31st. The ripple effect is in effect!

Recess Time!

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  1. Awesome! I was just talking to Sarah about how stuff like this happens when you get into a community and just do it. Good programs and practices like to spread...