Sunday, January 9, 2011

ECCD Classroom: Set Up for a New School Year

Every teacher knows that a new school year means taking a fresh look at classroom space. After the previous math workshop, this ECCD director requested support to redesign his classroom. He wanted literacy and math centers for child centered learning. We spent one recent Friday cleaning and preparing the space. Our goal is that after we work together for several months, the ECCD site can become a regional host for ECCD workshops - and he and his assistant will be the workshop leaders and organizers.

Literacy Center
-Alphabet Letter Strip
-Vowel Letters to match to the Alphabet Letter Strip
-small loose alphabet letters to use for phonics, spelling, name writing, etc.
-'Can You Spell?' activity [Each card states 'Can You Spell' and a simple word, then blocks in marker to outline the lower/upper case letters. Children use alphabet letters to find the correct letters and spell the word printed.]
-Jumbo crayons
-Colored pencils

Math Center:
- Number Line w/an additional set of matching digits separate for children to place in order or match
- Digit Poster
- 'Count to Five' Boards
- Digit cards with quantity dots
- Matchbox Counting
- small yogurt containers that hold stones for counting, etc.
- number wheel adding
- Memory match puzzle boards [Each playing board has a grid of pictures, the child matches 'picture cards' to the correct image on the board until the board is replicated.]

Community Meeting Space

The Process: In The Beginning...

Next Steps:
- simple alphabet books/number books
- Eric Hall hard cover books
- Eric Carle hard cover books
- Preschool picture books [culturally relevant]
- Educational Posters
- Blocks
- Preschool Puzzles [6-8 large pieces]
- Pattern Blocks
- Unifix Cubes
- Shapes
- Jumbo Pencils
- Coloring Books
- More phonics activities
- Mirrors
- Plastic play toys for 'make believe' [animals, foods, dolls]

If you have any of the above gently used or know of someone who does:
Tamara Weiss, PCV
Peace Corps Lesotho
PO Box 554
Maseru 100 Lesotho
Southern Africa

Print 'Educational Materials' or 'Materials for Teachers' on the package.

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