Saturday, October 16, 2010


Live Oak School made this workshop possible by sending a fantastic package of phonics workbooks and lesson materials. This is the second monthly workshop organized by the local ECCD / Preschool teacher. The group is now creating a 'lesson activities booklet' that will collect new ideas for literacy and maths lessons [in several of the pictures you can see teachers referring to it or looking at it].

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ordination of a Priest

I was invited by the Sisters of St. Theresa Mission to attend an Ordination in Mokhotlong. These images show the ceremony. We attended one ceremony in Mokhotlong, then another celebration in the village where the priest had grown up.

A large white tent was set up in the yard of the St. Joseph's primary and secondary school compound. Seats surrounded the tent. This photo shows the priest walking down to the large tent.

This is the choir, complete with two choir directors and a set of drums [Rubber stretched across a container, with a wire attached threading through hundreds of bottle caps to become the 'cymbals'. Amazing.]

This traditional stick with cow hair attached rhythmically punches at the air to celebrate during singing and dancing.

Some attendants dressed up as a way to celebrate the event - women dressed as men, young women dressed as old women, one couple - pretending - dressed as a bride and groom.

The ceremony begins.

The priest spends nearly 15 minutes in 'private' prayer shown here.

Two boys watch together. It is common here for boys and men to hug and to hold hands, this moment between the boys seemed so beautiful.

The celebration begins!

From the pockets of some of the most desperately poor, these baskets became full with bills and coins.

Guests brought forward gifts for the priest. Note the corn, ram, and kindling.


The village ceremony and celebration.