Thursday, September 30, 2010

All I ever really needed to know... Preschool/ECCD Workshop

This ECCD Workshop was organized by the local teacher, whose center is just behind the resource library. She had been coming just about once or twice a month to skim through curriculum books, brainstorm ideas, and make learning manipulatives with me. Then we had the idea that she should call together area Reception class [Kindergarten] and ECCD -[Preschool] teachers so that she could present all that she had been doing and also encourage them to make their own materials. In several photos, you can see her sharing how she uses text in the classroom and you can see other teachers making their own sets of materials based off of the ones that we did together.

Most of these women journeyed between 1 and 5 hours to attend this ECCD workshop. They are making math and literacy games or center activities. They stayed between 3-6 hours. The group photo was taken at the end of the workshop, when everyone [except the mother who stayed inside to breastfeed and insisted that we go without her] brought out something that they had made during the workshop.

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  1. It is terrific that the preschool teachers have this chance to develop teaching materials. They are dedicated if they walked up to five hours to attend. They seem to enjoy the workshop very much. The children will certainly benefit!