Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Data at the Resource Center

August, 2010
Resource Center Data

Total Visits: 296

50% Children ages 4-10 yrs
33% Children ages 11-20 yrs
5% Children around 2-4 yrs
5% Local Non DTEP Teachers

For those of you who have asked how to help or what to send :), here are the favorite activities.

Eric Carle
[Spot Series] by Eric Hill
J. Cannon
DK Eyewitness Books [readers below 10yrs]
HS Math textbooks
HS Science textbooks
HS/College Business Education Texts or Magazines

Children often buddy read, so duplicate copies are welcome!

Easy math books [counting numbers, fractions, multiplication, division]

Easy preschool alphabet / sounds books / colors / shapes / animals

Books about puberty, aimed at children around 11 or 12

Simple information books about African nations or stories set in Africa

Simple information books about hygeine

Memory games

Unifix connect cubes


Newsprint drawing paper

Large preschool size crayons

Coloring books

Simple word search books

Simple ‘activity’ books that support reading and math skills

Children’s magazines such as Click and Time for Kids

English dictionaries

If you are able, please send in Priority Mail Box [this is expensive ($40) but ensures delivery].

Print 'Educational Resources: Books' and 'Materials for Library - Children' written in black marker clearly in several places. Thank you and photos will be sent!

Tamara Weiss, PCV
Peace Corps Lesotho
PO Box 554
Maseru 100 Lesotho
Southern Africa

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